About this Site

OpenSourceFaith.info (or “OSF”*) is a small, independent publishing imprint of books and related media on topics in history, faith, and the Judaeo-Christian tradition. The materials published by OSF are developed to be understandable to a diverse audience of general readers and to provide reliable information. They also strive to be transparent about:

    • The types of questions being asked,
    • The approaches being taken in trying to answer those questions, and
    • The sources and evidence being employed

This type of “open-source” approach assumes, among other things, that historical and scientific tools are neither enemies of faith nor ends in themselves, but can be useful and illuminating companions on a journey of reflection, prayer, and discipleship.

This website will be the home for a number of e-books and related videos which are currently under development, including the following titles:

  • Social Injustice & Religious Hypocrisy: Prophetic Protests in Ancient Israel, by Robert Moluf and Murray Scheel
  • Christianity 101: A Thinking Person’s Guide to What Christians Believe & Why, by Robert Moluf and Murray Scheel
  • A Modern Passion in Medieval Paris: The Brilliant Mind & Courageous Heart of Héloïse D’Argenteuil, by Robert Moluf